Watching rugby? We’ve got what you can’t get at home

7 Reasons to ditch home for the rugby

Home is a special place. Nothing compares to home. Except when it’s game time.

We’ve got what you can’t get at home this rugby season, including:

1. Be in to win $10,000 Joylab Rewards Dollars – learn more here
2. The opportunity to meet new people that aren’t in your lounge
10% back as Joylab Rewards Dollars for every $10 spent
$5 Sake shots all round in honour of this year’s host
A thriving atmosphere of like-minded rugby fans
Big screen TVs and booming audio that won’t annoy the neighbours
An opportunity to post your social life to Instagram for peer validation

Check out the full games schedule below.

Not watching the rugby?

We've got some fantastic rugby safe-zones teed up and ready to go right across Auckland. Check them out here.


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