Ten Bottomless Brunches & Lunches You Need To Book ASAP
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From the original bottomless in Auckland to sweet treats the kids can get amongst, we've summed up the best bottomless events across Joylab that will make your next excuse for a morning mimosa one to remember! We recommend reading the below on a full stomach to avoid any unnecessary hangry lash outs...

The Lula Inn - Bottomless Brunch

The first and favourite bottomless brunch in Auckland, rumoured to be the official initiation for any member of the city of sails, this is one you can tick off the bucket list over and over again. With an expansive menu ranging between your classic Eggs Bene to 16 Hour Braised Brisket or Brulee Banana Bread for the sweet-tooths, there's a little something to tickle everyone's fancy while sipping your worries away on the water's edge with prosecco, mimosas, Bloody Mary's and mocktails. Lula's Bottomless is the easiest ingredient to any good time on the viaduct and the solution to your up-in-the-air birthday plans or the pre-social lubricant on a hens night before the penis straws come out. It's a winner every time.

The Elephant Wrestler - FAT DADDY'S Bottomless Burgers, Beer + Bubbles

FAT DADDY'S infamous smash burger pop-up took things to a new level with the first ever bottomless burgers, beer & bubbles in the sunshine at The Elephant Wrestler, serenaded by the sweet, sweet sounds of old school hip-hop & rnb with Flava Radio's resident DJ09. These sessions have been kicking off every Saturday but the end is near... The final date being 13 May means darkness at the end of the tunnel and limited tables to get your smash burger fix. CAUTION: These burgers will make you inaudibly gasp and that is no surprise, Daddy's crispy, squishy burger buns with an expertly smashed, juicy patty (*hubba hubba*) are the real deal for vegans and meat eaters alike. While The Elephant Wrestler team keep you topped up with bubbles and beersies, you'll find the bottom after two hours of the above. Don't just take our word for it.

Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen - Bottomless Fried Chicken & Waffles (returning this winter!)

If you're known to frequent a big Friday night at Sweat Shop but never dabbled in a bottomless mountain of Fried Chicken & Waffles, then call us Coach cause it's time to sub in. On the iconic outdoor deck (man, that’s a big deck) these fluffy waffles and the sweet yet salty fried chicken are the perfect combination to follow a mimosa or three... okay, five mimosas. If you plan on making your way across Auckland city, whether it’s a bar hop or more like a bar crawl, this is the spot to start and finish. Returning to Sweat Shop this winter.

Franc's - Bottomless Nachos, Beer + Bubbles

Nachhooooooooo! An absolute no brainer. Chuck anything on corn chips and bang, it’s a winner. Franc’s in Takapuna have given you an excuse to get off the couch but keep on your stretchy pants for bottomless nachos every Thursday. Holy mother of drool, these aren't your regular nachos but that's the best part. SPOILER ALERT: this is a shared bottomless with one big dish of nachos stacked high with cheesy, tasty goodness and dips on the side. It's kinda like a kids’ birthday party but you're old enough to drink! Like all good things, it's only around for a short time.

Basalt - Bottomless Brunch

Taking things up a level in sunny East Auckland, you can get a little slice of the city in the suburbs atop Basalt's rooftop on the first Saturday of every month, so save up your sipping points and cash them all in once a month with a top tier menu to line your stomach before the real fun begins. Two words, Peach Billinis. A rare but glorious addition to the regular bottomless bevs of prosecco, mimosas, Bloody Mary's and mocktails to pair with your choice of brunch. In no particular order, a few faves include the Corn Fritters, Chorizo Mish-Mash and Chai Spice French Toast but you be the judge.

The Elephant Wrestler - Drag Queen or Burlesque Bottomless Lunches

Alright, we know it says brunch in the title but this section needs a billboard of it's own because me-oh-my, here's a lunch you'll never forget. A few of the regulars at The Elephant Wrestler in Takapuna include RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens and Auckland’s most ah-mazing Burlesque & Cabaret performers, who each host a bottomless lunch every few months and trust us - you’ll need about that long to recover. The shared lunch is a mini-banquet for your table to tuck into delicious roast meat, vegetables, salads, sides and sauces with your usual prosecco, mimosas and beers to fuel an afternoon of the most outrageous, NSFW fun. The room fills with so much energy and laughter, it's like a massive private party with 70 of your closest friends by the end. Arm twisted? Not surprised. Keep an eye on The Elephant Wrestler's Instagram for their next events.

Goode Brothers Botany, New Lynn & NorthWest - Bottomless Brunch

Excuse the pun but this is a goode way to elevate your next brunch. It’s one part casual, one part a little rowdy – the spot to take your rubber-armed pals as the bottomless bit is optional. Goode Brothers regular menu has a beauty of an add-on where $29 will get you 90-minutes of free-flowing prosecco, mimosas & bloody Mary’s with any adult main. Whether it's pizzas to share or a bowl of Goode Brothers Famous #6 Pasta, it's all up to you. Available Saturdays & Sundays until 1.30pm at Goode Brothers Botany, NorthWest & New Lynn.

The Zookeeper's Son - Bottomless Chicken & Waffles

If there's anything worth tackling the Royal Oak roundabout for, it's this. Park up for an afternoon of bottomless fried chicken & waffles and build the right foundation for whatever your Saturday night entails - let's be real, with 90-minutes of prosecco and Export Gold, you'll be lucky to make it past 9pm but that's the beauty of it. Crispy chicken morsels on a fluffy waffle bed are a real soul food and we kinda dig their flexibility and acceptance at any time of the day - breakfast, brunch or brinner. Get the group chat fired up and locked in for your next Saturday shindig.

The Lula Inn - Bottomless Dumplings

Convince your boss that you deserve a WFH Friday and push the boat out at Lula's Bottomless Dumplings (AKA, the naughty sibling of Lula's Bottomless family, we all have that sibling...). To start, a warm, squishy bao bun filled with the right amount of everything, followed by your choice of never-ending dumplings (no seriously, you'll be begging the team to stop bringing more dumplings to the table before your puku bursts). Luckily liquid can slip in between the cracks of an overflowing belly as your drink never runs empty with prosecco or beer. The best part of the evening is Lula's Live Jukebox Band, taking requests all night, you'll be feeling some type of way as the melodies of Whitney Houston to One Direction to Outkast fill the room at our harbourside spot.

Goode Brothers - Bottomless Pancakes

For the little kids, the big kids and the wannabe kids! Goode Brothers NorthWest know how to cure your sweet tooth cravings with a childhood favourite that takes you right back. Stack your pancakes high and devour at brunch while any onlookers drool in jealousy. Available everyday for brunch - race ya there!

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