Proud Supporters of Auckland’s Rugby Volunteers
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Known as the “Legends Enabling Rugby in Auckland”, our Auckland Rugby Volunteers are some of the best sort around. From orange cutters to groundskeepers, coaches, jersey washers and more; the people involved in this community deliver up to 10,000 games of rugby a year. That’s a few.

So, we wanted to play our part. Rugby is in our DNA, and as fellow kiwis we love a good run around. That’s why we partnered up with Auckland Rugby Volunteers to help grow the good. Our support, among others, is used to make rugby accessible for all of Auckland despite increased living costs and traffic issues. The volunteer network has done a bloody good job of it, too. In fact, women’s rugby has grown by 28% thanks to some of this help.

We also noticed that a lot of the people in our own Joylab community are grassroots rugby players or supporters. From the down-to-earth customers that come through our doors at each of our 20+ establishments, to the staff and families that run them. By teaming up with the legends at Auckland Rugby, we’re teaming up with a bit of Auckland itself - and that’s what we’re all about.

If you’re interested in becoming an Auckland Rugby Volunteer, head over to their website here and give it a gander. If you’re keen to work with like-minded people who care about our community sports, take a look at our careers page and get involved.


The team at Joylab

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