Our People - Samantha Miles and Five Trends for Corporate Events in 2018
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Samantha’s 10+ years of experience in hospitality has taken her from the shoreside locals of Pauanui to the fine-dining circles of Auckland City, as well as a 2 year stint working with Simon Gault at a villa in Italy. Samantha learned tricks of the trade from a young age, quickly picking up on the fact that people deserve your full attention when waiting on them, and sharing the right knowledge with them is critical.

“The attention part is where you stop all the things you are thinking about and doing in order to be fully engaged with your customer in that moment. People pick up on and genuinely appreciate that. Sharing knowledge is about people having an idea of what they want when dining out or organising an event, but also how you can greatly enhance their experience by sharing your knowledge of the best sides, wines, before and after dishes, or by offering ideas around creating the right layout, theme and activities for a particular space you know lots about in order to make the event one to remember.”

Clearly, Samatha’s attention to detail and sweating the small stuff is what led her to head up the Events and Experience Manager role here at Joylab, where she oversees the event managers across all of Joylab’s 20+ establishments. Over the years, she’s noticed trends in the corporate event space - trends she either keeps a close eye on, or contributes to herself.

First up, the return of ‘family style’ events where corporate gatherings are extended to family members; which in turn has encouraged family entertainment and children’s activities

Second, corporate events as a whole are moving away from just being comprised of eating and drinking as demand increases for more interesting events with activities and novel entertainment. This is on part due to a rise in the importance of a good work culture and shows of appreciation for employee efforts, things like phones and social media making it increasingly harder to keep ourselves entertained and an increase on corporate responsibility in social environments.

Third, hardly a new trend but still increasing in popularity is professionally photography. Photo booths have presented strong competition in with the new Social Media linked ‘Selfie Stations’, but with the rise of flower walls and balloon archways a professional photographer is still required and Samantha believes they’re here to stay for a good while.

Additionally, community based corporate events like fundraisers and team events where everyone pitches in for community/environmental benefit is becoming increasingly common; which is great to see because we all like working towards a common good. Employers find it’s a double-whammy for team bonding but also giving back to the community - especially if the public can see what’s going on; which is free PR.

Finally, we still host many networking events which are returning to popularity over social media community groups. The need for physical connection and getting real face-time is an innately human element that doing business together cannot survive without.

Samantha’s advice to those looking to host an event is to find an event planner you get along with and can trust to deliver. You want the people and establishments you work with to present lots of ideas and support through the entire process from pre-event planning to post-event wrap up.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to hose the tremendous number of events we do across our 20+ establishments without the expertise of Samantha and her team. If you want to bounce ideas or make a booking, be sure to speak to her today

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