Our People: Gordon Washer, Head Chef at Garrison Public House
Tales Of Joy Gordon

Gordon, master chef and harbinger of joyous feasts has been with the Joylab team for over 10 years. That’s longer than most marriages, and we’d say “I do” a million times over if it actually was. Faux marriage proposals aside, we have been lucky to watch Gordon work his way up from Sous Chef at the Flying Moa and across several of Joylab establishments including Goode Brothers and Garrison, before leading the kitchen-charge at Garrison.

Gordon’s signature dish is a classic treat beloved by the crew and customers of The Flying Moa. He was was peeling potatoes one day and didn’t want to waste the skins, so he put his mind to finding a way to use them. A few minutes later, his ‘Crispy Potato Skins’ were born, and they remain on the menu to this day.

Gordon is no stranger to hard work - he always had his sights set on his dream position as a Head Chef; and spent many years learning under the wing of various head chefs. Each new team he worked with brought new learnings and optimisations which eventually lead him to learn everything he needed to run a kitchen.

###“It was challenging for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s taken me 10 years of ups and downs, working hard, learning from everyone who took the time to teach me and now i’ve got to where I wanted to be 10 years ago”

Gordon is cherished by his wife and grandson, not only for his skills in and out of the kitchen but also his dedication to hard work outside of it - including his pursuit for a healthier weight. Gordon has struggled with weight over the course of his life, and decided to do something about it. He opted to undergo a helpful procedure, but had to meet a certain weight in order to be eligible. At one point, he worked his way well under the required weight, but unfortunately put it back on before trying again. The second time he pushed harder, and managed to stave off the weight in time for his procedure. Now he’s happy to report a much better lifestyle, and we can’t help but applaud his ridiculously hard work and commitment to get there.

Good on ya, Gordon.

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