Introducing our beef supplier: Awhi Farms
Tales Of Joy Big Awhi

A lot of customers ask us where we source our top-notch beef from, and we’re glad they do because we pay keen attention to what we present on their plates.

We’re proud to work with Awhi Farms - an ancestral Maori family farming company based at the foothills of Matua Temana, Mt Ruapehu. Their ‘Black Star Select’ range brings the finest blood lines from Te Mania Angus which are grass fed in socially robust farms. Awhi’s cattle are treated with care in a unique approach that aims to connect both people and animals to their natural environment. They also strive to finish everything they breed, careful not to waste anything or disrespect the animals.

If they sound better than most of the conventional farms out there, it’s because they are - and that’s why we work with them. Our suppliers such as Awhi Farms are like family to us, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with a team of awesome people that care about what they do - especially if they’re NZ local.

We’re not about nickel-and-diming (not that we use those in New Zealand) or penny-pinching (we also don’t use those but you understand) - we’d rather focus on bringing people together to enjoy quality, guilt-free good times.

If you have more questions about how we source our food, feel free to get in touch with us

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