Learn a new trick with Joylab Masterclasses
Tales Of Joy Masterclasses

Joy isn’t only found in catching up with your loved ones, it’s also found in learning something new. At Joylab, we’re advocates for ‘growing the good’ - that’s why all of our staff have access to training and certificates so they can build the career they desire. It also means we know a thing or two, and we’re keen to share that know-how with our guests.

Joylab masterclasses are our curated group classes for keen learners, which range from pizza and pasta school at Goode Brothers to gin tasting at The Lula Inn; and even a tailored experience for keen brewers at Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen.

We’ve found that our classes are perfect for small gatherings, and the added kicker of learning a thing or two make them even more rewarding. We’re also lining up new masterclasses across a greater range of our establishments, aiming to share our knowledge with the rest of Auckland and the communities that make us joyful.

Sound like a bit of you? Discuss the intricacies of gin among friends, learn how to make home-made pasta with your kids, or get the crew together for a Wednesday arvo drop or two around the wizards that brew. See our masterclasses and more at

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