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Tales Of Joy Kids Choice

Many of our 800+ staff across Auckland have children. Those who haven’t got children used to be children. Those who didn’t used to be children are not of this world. Either way, we all care about the health and happiness of New Zealand’s children, which is why we have committed to the Heart Foundation’s Kids’ Choice standard across all 20+ of our establishments. In fact, we made that commitment in 2016, and will continue to hold true to it for the rest of our days.

The Health Foundation started Kids’ Choice out due to growing concern in our youths’ diets - chicken nuggets and chips were a mainstay meal and healthier options were few and far between. However, it wasn’t enough to slap on an apple or salad and presume you’ve ticked the box for healthy eating - children need more interesting options in order to genuinely interest them (and their parents).

So, our master chef and head chefs got together to reinvigorate our kids’ menu items across every establishment - ensuring that they were appealing while still adhering to the Heart Foundation’s recipe guidelines. The chefs had fun with it, even asking kids who came to our establishments what they wanted to see. Not long after, they managed to come up with a wide range of options that had mouths watering, and that wasn’t even the kids.

Head to any of our establishments to see what we’ve created - we’ve done our best to ensure the kids’ menus are competitively priced, follow the adult meals where possible, and are colourful and interesting to the kids. Most importantly, the meals are wholesome and hearty, meeting the Heart Foundations’ guidelines to the tee.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your kids soon!

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