Introducing The 0.0% Alcohol Menu For Clear Heads This Summer
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Nothing beats a New Zealand summer, so we’re here to help you make the most of it. How? By encouraging clear heads and lean bodies with our new range of premium 0.0% alcohol drinks across all of our top-notch bars in Auckland.

It’s no secret that kiwis love to gather around food and drink to celebrate the year rolling into summer. No doubt, you’ll be attending your fair share of catch-ups with friends, family, and workmates where food and drink are plentiful. You’ll also want to hit the beach, go on a road trip, and get outside. That’s why a 0.0% alcoholic beverage might be your best friend this summer. Not only will you remain clear-headed and able to drive, but your tummy will thank you for it.

However, we know it can be tricky to stay fully sober when you’re at a bar, pub or restaurant. So, our team of expert beertenders put together special 0.0% alcohol menus at all of our establishments that let you look the part without falling apart.

  • Wrap your chops around a cold, fresh 0.0% Heineken that has been perfected to meet the strict quality standards of other Heinekens, or
  • sip on premium Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktail that you’d struggle to tell apart from their alcoholic counter-parts

The best part? Our 0.0% alcohol menus look almost identical to any other drink while being easy on your head and waistline.

It’s about time Auckland had some decent options for staying sober without feeling excluded, and Joylab is here to deliver.

Check out our full list of establishments for your favourite local featuring specially-curated 0.0% alcohol menus.

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