3 Reasons To Work In Hospo 2019
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Figuring out your next career move can be tough. Options can seem endless, each with pros and cons that are not always clear. Some require years of study first, while others might confine you to an office cubicle.

New Zealand has a few promising industries including agriculture, tech, construction and tourism - however, hospitality is often overlooked. Over 15% of Kiwis head out for drinks or a meal every week, with no signs of slowing down. We’re a social bunch, and a lot of our best times are shared in the company of friends and family. There’s something special about being part of those moments, even from the perspective of a hospitality worker.

Joylab caught on to this many years ago, with a fine-tuned hospitality career path that has seen our people move from dish-hand through to business leader and beyond. Here are 3 reasons why working at a hospitality network like Joylab could be your best decision yet:

1. Growth and Free Training

Working in hospitality requires no official education, although of course it can always help. Most starting roles like bartending, waiting, or kitchen assistance can get going without any hiccups. After learning the ropes, your manager might promote you to the next step up - and once you get a taste for growing both personally and professionally, you might not want to stop. That’s why Joylab offers free training courses so you can become accredited in the skills you want and need to reach even more senior positions. We’ve seen many examples of starting roles move into business leaders, managing an entire establishment and being the cornerstone of their community.

2. Flexible Locations and Hours

The best part about working for a family of establishments like Joylab, is that there’s always one close to you. With over 20 establishments across Auckland, there’s bound to be something nearby that you can get started at. If you happen to move, or if you want to explore more of Auckland, you have the chance to switch to one of our other establishments easily. On top of that, hospitality hours are flexible enough to cater for your studies, family, friends, or other commitments. There are not many careers out there that escape the 9-5 grind, and this is something many of our staff come to love.

3. Sweet Benefits

Aside from flexible hours, free training, and location switching, Joylab offers other benefits such as discounted food and drink, rewards cards with better rates for staff, and annual award ceremonies. When you’re working alongside other like-minded people, these benefits are even better. A lot of Joylab staff become friends outside of the job, and often hang for a meal or head to one of the other locations to meet the other staff.

Before you know it, you’ll be serving Aucklanders with a confidence you never knew you had, alongside friends you didn’t expect to meet, and progressing into a career path that is entirely loveable.

Interested in working with us? Check out our open positions here. We look forward to meeting you.

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