Event Terms

  • These Event Terms apply to all Event Reservations of 15 or more guests at participating establishments within Joylab Group (Participating Establishments). A list of Participating Establishments can be found here.

    By making a Reservation you agree to be bound by these Event Terms and expressly accept the applicability of these Event Terms. Joylab may alter these Event Terms from time to time. If the Event Terms are changed after you have made a Reservation, we will inform you of these changes using the contact details you provided at the time of your Reservation. Regardless, we recommend that you review these Terms from time to time for any changes.

    Reservations of 15 or more guests can only be secured once credit card details, a deposit and a completed booking form have been provided.


  • Minimum spends

    Minimum spend amounts (as detailed on the booking form) will apply to all Reservations of 30 or more people or where a Participating Establishment, or a specific space within a Participating Establishment is booked exclusively. At the conclusion of your Reservation, the balance of the minimum spend or final bill, whichever is greater, must be paid.


  • Deposit

    We require the following deposit amounts to secure a Reservation;.

    30-14920% of minimum spend (as detailed on the booking form)
    150+   30% of minimum spend (as detailed on the booking form)

    The deposit amount will be deducted from the final bill. If the deposit amount exceeds the final bill and no minimum spend applies, the balance will be refunded to the person who provided the deposit on the next working day following the Reservation. Rewards Dollars cannot be earned on deposit payments. Read our full Rewards Terms here.


  • Set menu charges

    If applicable, set menu charges for the previously confirmed or actual guest numbers, whichever is greater, are payable on the day of the Reservation. Final guest numbers must be confirmed at least five working days in advance of the Reservation.


  • Cancellation policy

    If, for any reason, the Participating Establishment is unable to meet its obligations in respect of any bookings, we reserve the right to cancel any such booking without liability and will refund any deposits made in full.

    Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel a Reservation within the following number of days/weeks prior to a Reservation:  

    Off Peak (Jan - Oct)

    Guest Numbers  Sun-Thurs  Fri - Sat  
    15-297 days or less14 days or less
    30-14914 days or less4 weeks or less
    150 +or where a Participating Establishment is exclusively hired    4 weeks or less6 weeks or less


    Peak (Nov - Dec)

    Guest Numbers  Sun-Thurs  Fri - Sat  
    15-2914 days or less4 weeks or less
    30-1494 weeks or less8 weeks or less
    150 +or where a Participating Establishment is exclusively hired    6 weeks or less12 weeks or less


    Five Knots Event Centre Only
    A deposit will be refunded and/or charged according to the following cancellation periods: Less than 2 weeks prior - no deposit refund. Charges will apply including the full room hire fee, estimated food menu charges and 25% of beverage charges. Less than 3 months prior - no deposit refund 3 - 6 months prior - 50% deposit refund 6 - 12 months prior - 100% deposit refund

  • Damages

    You assume full responsibility for you and your guests (including contractors) and will be liable for any damage that occurs at a Participating Establishment by you or your guests. In the event of any damages caused by you or your guests, your deposit may be applied toward repairs. If the repair costs are greater than the deposit amount, your nominated credit card will be charged accordingly.

  • Property / decorations

    The staff and management at each Participating Establishment endeavour to ensure that your and your guest’s property and belongings are protected. However, we offer no guarantee of this and accept no responsibility for property that is lost, stolen or damaged during your and your guest’s time at a Participating Establishment.

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