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Joylab Business Profile
Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

In 2008, John Hellebrekers and Gavin Cowell were busy running two iconic Auckland hospitality venues when DB Breweries Ltd approached them with the idea of establishing a joint venture company. The operational expertise, relentless persistence and entrepreneurial talent of John and Gavin (JAG Hospitality Ltd) combined with DB’s corporate strength would form the unique backbone of the new company’s DNA. The result was Joylab, a company with good hospitality at the very core of its being. Our growing scale of operations is always balanced by our sense of place and personal investment in Auckland’s hospitality. We care – we’re not just a phone call away – you can be having a beer with a director and stakeholder of the company within 30 minutes.

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The Joylab Difference

Joylab’s unique concoction is a tough blend to match.

  1. Joylab is remarkably New Zealand. We take inspiration from the global market but understand what works best in the New Zealand market.
  2. We’re big enough to execute world-class concepts, but small enough to care. All of the senior leadership team and key shareholders are based in Auckland, just a phone call away.
  3. The joint venture with DB Breweries Ltd means access to capital, strong corporate governance, insights and know-how – especially given their international breadth.
  4. The scale of Joylab provides landlords with a strong tenant covenant. We have a long-term strategic view – we’re in it for the long haul.
  5. Joylab has a dedicated team in excess of 20 people providing support functions from accounting to human resources, marketing, operations, procurement, legal and more - allowing site managers to be truly customer focused.
  6. We create, develop and execute our own brands. They are not licensed or based on third party IP. That means we are well positioned to adapt to changing markets.
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